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Usage rights and licenses

What is a license?

There are free download, leasing (with no exclusive usage) and exclusive licenses. Through the leasing, you can use a beat legally at a lower cost.

(You can check the license types here)

What rights do I get with a license?

In each license column you will find a little summary with the main aspects. You can read the respective complete contract and usage rights clicking over the button “READ FULL LICENSE”, at the bottom of each column.

(You can check this also in “Terms and Conditions”)

How should I credit the beatmaker?

It is important to credit the beatmaker in every platform where you release your song (Youtube, Spotify, Itunes, Instagram…). The proper manner to do so, is including this in the titles:

  • (Prod. Anima X Beats)
  • Anima X Beats
  • feat. Anima X Beats

Additionally, feel free to  use the logo or include in your clip or your next álbum covers. Download Anima X Beats logo here.

What is the difference between a unlimited license and an exclusive one?

Unlimited licenses can be sold to more than one final user and could have any other restrictions, while exclusives are only for one artist with no expiration. After an exclusive sale, the beat will not be available in the beat store anymore. Furthermore, with the Exclusive License you get 80% of the publishing rights (ASCAP, BMI, SGAE…), while with the unlimited you get 50%.

Which is price of the Exclusive licenses?

It varies depending on the beat, and is negotiable. It ranges between $399 y $1299 USD. Send a query via the contact form to get in touch

(Check if you need an Exclusive license here)

Can I update my license?

Yes, if you adquired a non exclusive license and need to upgrade it, you can do it if the exclusive rights are still available.

(Update your license here)

What are publishing rights?

Those related to the physical sales, generated by platforms like ASCAP, BMI, SGAE… This does not affect to monetization on Youtube, Spotify…

What should I do if I want to monetize my video on Youtube?

If you want to use your music for profit, monetizing in platforms like Youtube, you need the Unlimited or Exclusive licenses. More basics licenses don´t allow monetization. All instrumentals are registered in a Content ID administrator to avoid usage without the appropriate license. This system scans videos from Youtube and send a notification blocking this monetization temporarily, but you don´t have to worry if you adquired the correct license. Usage of this system is the only way to ensure good uses on Youtube.

(Remove a copyright claim here)

Content ID (CDBaby, TuneCore…)

It is forbidden to register a beat or a song made with that beat in any content identification system, service provider, distributor or digital music aggregator, as TuneCore o CDBaby.

This helps to avoid you receive third-parties copyright claims from others who also got a non exclusive license. The beat has already been tagged in a content identification system by the producer as a preventive measure to protect all concerned parties and avoid problems.

Purchase process

How long will it take to receive the files after the purchase?

Instant delivery of files. You can download files after the purchase, and will receive 2 emails, with download links and your purchase ticket. If you don´t see this emails in your mailbox, check the Junk mail or Spam folder.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay via Paypal or Credit Card. Both payment methods are secured automatically through Paypal.

How can I use my discount coupon?

If you have a discount coupon, you can use the code before the payment in “Coupon Code”. Click on “Apply coupon” and it will be applied to your shopping cart automatically.

Why are the prices in dollars ($)?

The Beat Player and the payment are hosted by North-American Company Beatstars, that is why the price is in dollars, but Paypal offers automatic conversion from your currency.


Why are voice tags over the instrumentals?

Today is easy to record the audio in any web, that is why beatmakers use voice-tags. They are not in the final files you receive when you purchase a license.

¿De you offer Mix & Mastering service?

Yes, you can read more about this service here.

If you have any other question contact here


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